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Why can‘t I play Germany in the national teams. Otherwise great game but would love to start a career as a German manager

Good, but...

This is a very fun game but because of a lack of financial aspects (sponsors, transfer clauses, detailed stadium expansions, etc.) it tends to get boring rather quickly.


Is there a way to add a new manager and accept bids from the other team like you can do in the pc version? I know it’s cheating but sometimes is fun


I just hope that they put the 3D view into mobile version

Club money

I love to play this game,my recommendation is just upgrade the club prize money after season end

Team and Player DB NOT up to date

Played FM game for many years, bought FM Mobile 2018 (on 19.8.2018), BUT..... players transfer is NOT up to date (only updated as at Feb 2018) ! when can the updated DB release ?

Beautiful amazing game

This game is so amazing the leagues and players are perfect y’all should add the Mexican league to the game because i know that some people would enjoy that

AMAZING GAME but some player problems and tactic problems

This is one of the best soccer manager games I’ve ever played and tactics are so enriching and full but I wish that you could have tactics for set prices and there are some missing players such as Weah (U.S.A.), Kubo (JPN), and some players Nationalities are wrong like Antonee Robinson and Danny Acosta aren’t American, so are you gonna wait till the next game to fix it and if so when is it coming out??

Pretty good but...

Extremely addictive game but the amount of bookings is both unrealistic and sort of annoying. Besides that, I love the game!

Game is fun but interface is irritating

Almost had it with the terrible scrolling and 1990s display resolution. Missing some essential features: No team talks No replays Players don’t seem to make any runs

Love this Game but Save is gone

I really enjoy this game but I logging into the app and my save was gone. I spent so much time and effort into this save and I want it back. I haven’t cleared anything out and don’t have any cleaning software. I need to get this fixed please help.

we need chinese!!!

we need chinese!!!

Full of bugs.

This game has full of bugs. Waste my money.


he best

we need chinese

we need chinese

Would be 5 stars except...

Love the game and love building a team from a lower division to world class! BUT starting to get bored. Main reason is no one offers you a new manager job. In older versions of this game if I was doing well with a team, other teams were lined up offering you jobs. The only jobs available are for teams that you don’t want. You can see that a national team that you want to manage is going to get rid of their manager but then they hire someone else and you can’t do anything about it. This is a huge bug or problem, whatever you want to call it. Please fix it!


You only have 2 options ( the pitch or comments) I want to see the players and the action on the field .. too bad .! It would be perfect .. maybe FM18 on the laptop it’s different..

Good game

Very nice game but it has not CSL. I hope it will have CSL in next season

Perfect except youth and regens

Absolutely buy this game. period. the only issue i have is that the youth academy and regens are severely lacking in quality. In FM17 they were too overpowered, where as now i can barely get any good youth players with the best academies or find any good regens down the line. Please fix this hopefully for 19 👍


I Love this game , played more than 5 days worth. But this is a problem that always happens to me, I minimize the app for one second and when I open it again. It closes itself and forces me to replay the match, no matter the result for me

Great game one slight problem

My game shuts down sometimes unexpectedly and brings me back to my lock screen on my iPad. When I then go back into my home screen the game is still running but has restarted and I have to load up all over again This isn’t a huge issue but is quite annoying sometimes when it happens during a game. Let me know if this is fixable?

We need Chinese language support

Already have the PC version can we add Chinese to the phone version

Very best

I love the game....addictive

Having a great time!

I’m loving this game (even though I’ve never so much as watched a soccer match), but there is a HUGE bug during matches. If a player gets a red card, it seems as if it is impossible to switch him out for a substitute, so I’m left one man down on the field. Please fix this!

Change the name to injury manager 2018

Must be the total waste of my 9$ ... i started with create a club on career and made 4 good players and they keep on getting injured every month.. not the other players but just those 4 good players.. even when i’m not playing them they get injured in training for a month.. i finished one season with frustration.. signed two players for the other season and guess what both got injured for a month in training and 2 match and one of my other created player gets injured.. you’ll live in frustration if you start with a small club.. disgusting injuries.. its not just sometimes.. you’ll have at least 3/4 injuries every month and its only the good players that get injured.. the worst thing i have spent money on

Amazing Game!

Stellar game! I play this every single time I am bored and I am addicted to this game, sometimes putting important things off to sit down and play an entire season. Gameplay is awesome and bugs getting very few and far between but 3 Bugs that always bothered me, the German national team never calls anyone up so all German players are uncapped and nobody is ever on the team, some national team managers retire and you’re unable to apply for the national job as well. The 2nd bug is that retired players who become managers and are on the “hall of fame” managers list never seem to get hired and are always without a team. And the final bug is the fact that a player will be listed on the “contract expiring” player search page and come January, you’re not given the option to offer the player a contract to secure a free transfer and it goes up until the next season where the player resigns with their team. Thank you for making this wonderful game. I love it so much!!!

National Team Star Ratings

Great game, but it would be nice if it were possible to see the star rating of players when managing a national team.

Brazilian division

Why is there not Brazilian division?

5 World Cup ??

Where’s the Brazilian league ?? Best players in the world !!

Great game one slight problem

I absolutely love this game. The buying and selling aspects of it are absolutely amazing and the developmental processes are fabulous. The only problem I have with the game is that the Germany International team is unable to get players on it and there is no management position for it. Other than that I love this game well worth everything i paid for it.

After update game

Can’t even sell my player. It is being hard to sell now after update. You gotta change it like before

Great Simulation, As Close To The Real Thing As You Can Get

I buy this game every year since 2015 and I’m never disappointed it’s a bit pricey at 9.99 but it’s well worth the countless days I end up spending playing it on my subway ride to work..the transfers and wage controls are great and I love that I can have veterans or look for the hottest new prospects from around the globe..if you’re looking for a game you can be addicted to and have $10 this game is 100% for you!!!


The game is very good, however when will the Brazilian championship be available?

Phenomenal game!

Really love this game. I just wish more smaller national teams were added into the game to manage (especially countries in CONCACAF). Also the US lower divisions would be cool to be able to manage

Fine game

I have been a fan for many years, but this year I have some problems with the game the scripting is so frustrating. For example I played the same game against burnley 10 times and lost all ten. I was the clear favorite and I understand upsets happen but not at this rate. Worth it to buy it on sale but not at full price.

World Wide players and teams

Game is awesome but can there be a world wide data base so we could have players from various countries rather than the leagues we pick?

Well made, but needs to fix wage demands

Overall its a great streamlined version of the original fm in pc. Yet, the excruciatingly high wage demands make the game unrealistic. Its needs to be lowered by at least a bit


O jogo poderia ser bem mais completo. A versao mobile tem suas limitações pela questão gráfica e por ser em si um telefone (performance inferior a um PC) mas ainda assim poderia ser muito melhor. Os telefones de hoje em dia tem potencial para carregarem muito mais dados do que o jogo hoje apresenta. Outra crítica é em relação ao jogo ser em 2D. Muito sem graça, passou da hora de termos uma versão 3D para mobile.

Game has become unplayable

The player transfer function is broken. Sometimes it will prevent you from continuing past two bids in a multi-team auction scenario. Now it is consistently preventing you from making competitive contract offers even when you have the wage budget to meet the player’s ask. While playing as Manchester City, I had a £207M transfer fund, was £4M/wk under my wage budget, and had a maximum wage of £625K/wk, but when a transfer bid was accepted, the board would only allow an offer of £220K/wk on a 5-star player. 2/20 UPDATE: I started fresh with a new club. The problem still exists. I had a £127M transfer fund, was £1.5M/wk under my wage bill, and had a maximum wage of £400K/wk, and the board would only let me offer £300K/wk.

Transfer Update

When you update for the January transfers can you make an option where you start as a manager on Feb. 1st with the up to that day results and table?


我有这个游戏的完整版,淘宝搜索《football manager IOS》5元钱获得全解锁版


It’s my 4th year in row am buying this game and you guys don’t fix the January transfers I don’t think it’s worth it anymore to spend money on it was a big fan of this game before now keep letting me down.

Great game but a transfer bug on it.

I’ve played these series of games for a long time.And fmm2018 is exactly the best.But in version 9.1,I can’t sell any star player over 100 million,it always said that there is no interest.Is it a bug?And did you fix it in the version 9.12?

Purchase failure

My purchases are failing

Digital Crack!

I’ll be honest I’m not even a soccer fan, but this game is fantastic for anyone that’s a fan of sports simulation. The only thing I wish it had is 3D animation, similar to that of the Touch version.

Saves keep on deleting

I love this game but my saves keep on deleting!!! I was halfway through my second season when my save suddenly deleted and it sent me back to the first season!!! This is extremely frustrating and makes my experience with the game extremely annoying it is very disappointing considering how much I like this game .How can I fix this? (Reply to developer response) No I do not have an iPhone cleaning software

Best iPhone app PERIOD

Absolutely love this. Only drawback is that it is so good, you can easily lose yourself for hours. Great for a commute (when you’re not the one driving, of course). Can’t wait for the roster updates to reflect January transfer window. Any idea when that will go live? Great gift for the football fan in your life.

One issue!

Great game, but it’d be cool if there was an option to select Mexican as a nationality to look for players! It gets difficult to figure out how to find them. Would love to have he option!! Thanks!


Great game. Only one thing: AI managers at big clubs should be fired more easily. How did the RMA manager keep his job when the team was in seventh?

It’s been months and still no iPhone X

It’s been months since the iPhone X was released and this game still isn’t optimized for it. Absolutely ridiculous for a $9 game.

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